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Meet Our Team

We are a diverse group of women who felt deeply impacted by the pet overpopulation issue in Texas and decided to come together to create something much needed and different. We work hard to implement sustainable solutions and resources for both rescues and the community.

Our focus is primarily on prevention through education as well as increasing access to resources like spay and neuter. Our passion lies in collaboration with our school districts, other like-minded organizations, and businesses to create a better future for Texans and their animals.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Texas Rescue Network works to cultivate and effectuate change within the state of Texas for the betterment of the health and welfare of dogs through providing education, support, and resources for existing rescues and the community.


Our Vision

Through the implementation of more efficient systems and the utilization of sustainable, long-term solutions, we envision Texas being the pioneer when it comes to homeless pet population management and prevention.

Our goal isn't to save them all, but to prevent those from coming into the world who will be destined to need saving.

We Need Your Support Today!

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